The Types Of Sewing Thread

Sewing thread means suture textile materials, plastic, leather products and sew the books and periodicals with line. Sewing thread have to sew, durability and appearance quality characteristics. Due to the difference of its material sewing thread can be broadly divided into: natural fiber, chemical fiber, mixed three; The characteristics of the sewing thread also because of its material is different with its unique performance:

Cotton sewing thread

- good heat resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, resistance to moisture, poor ability to resist bacteria, suitable for high speed sewing and durable press.

With the most is long-staple cotton thread: is the leading producer of long-staple cotton, through combing, singeing, mercerizing, and high density twist, so pull than ordinary combed cotton. Often for cotton clothing and other cotton fabrics for sewing use

Specifications and 20/2 (60/4), 20/3 40/2, 40/3, 20/9 (60/6)

Cotton thread: generally divided into two parts, comb, and combing the real 100% cotton line can be used to do sewing for full combed cotton. General in 402, 202, 203. Is a high-quality cotton combed cotton singeing. Cotton thread often for cotton clothing and other sewing use pure cotton fabrics.

Polyester sewing thread

High - strength, stitch is quite beautiful, wear resistance; Not bad not rot, low prices, color is rich, is not easy to rub off, not shrinking.

Polyester/cotton sewing thread

- made from 65% polyester short-fiber and 35% cotton fiber blended yarn, line of high strength, good abrasion resistance, small shrinkage has good flexibility and elasticity, good heat resistance. Can sew all kinds of clothing.

Nylon sewing thread

- strong and big, good elasticity, texture smooth, silky luster, excellent wear resistance.

Nylon line

- high fracture strength, good abrasion resistance, low moisture absorption, high elasticity, but the thermal stability is not enough, general control at about 120 ℃. Commonly used in sewing chemical fiber fabrics, wool, wool sweater, etc.

Whalen line

- the price is low, high fracture strength, wear resistance is lower than the nylon line, good chemical stability, mainly sewing all kinds of rubber shoes upper flour bags, cloth, canvas, buttonholing, studs, etc.


- smooth surface, soft luster, good elasticity, high temperature resistance. Used to sew the wool clothing, silk fabric; Rayon colourful, but strength is poor, very poor hygroscopicity, price is cheap. Mostly used for machine embroidery.