The Concept And Classification Of Polyester Yarn

The concept and classification of polyester yarn

Polyester fiber is an important variety of synthetic fiber, and it is the commodity name of polyester fiber in our country. It is a pure terephthalic acid (PTA) or terephthalic acid methyl ester two (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as a fiber polymer, polyethylene terephthalate as raw materials by esterification or transesterification and polycondensation prepared (PET), the spinning and postprocessing fibers.

Characteristics of polyester filament

The quality of polyester fiber is no more stable than rayon, but more elastic. You can cut off a rayon thread to do the test, pull, and then relax, you will not find embroidery line how to shrink; instead, the polyester yarn, after pulling once relaxed, it will return to its original length, which sometimes leads to flower fold, so online tension adjustment, need to be more accurate.

Specific classification of polyester yarn

1. primary filaments: Virgin silk (conventional spinning), UDY, semi pre oriented silk (medium speed spinning) (MOY), pre aligned silk (high speed spinning) (POY), high orientation yarn (ultra high speed spinning) (HOY).

2. stretch wire: stretch silk (low speed stretch yarn), (DY), full stretch silk (spinning stretch one-step method) (FDY), all take silk (spinning one-step) (FOY).

3. textured yarns: conventional textured yarn (DY), stretch textured yarn (DTY), and air textured yarn (ATY).

Among them, DTY, Draw, texturing, yarn stretch textured yarn, also known as polyester low stretch yarn, is a machine on a continuous or simultaneous tensile deformation processing of finished silk.

FDY, Fully, drawn, yarn full stretch yarn. Has nothing to do with the production process, but now widespread, turn it into a spinning one-step process code, can use low-speed and high-speed spinning drawing winding, two steps to complete in a spinning machine, the production cost is low, and the product quality is stable, less broken hair silk, dyeing uniformity.

Main applications of polyester yarn

Polyester silk products are mainly used in covering yarn, socks, yarn, gloves and other fields.


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