The classification of the polyester

(1) polyester staple fiber

1. According to the physical properties of distinction: high strength low, strong in the reach of type, low intensity, high modulus, with high strength and high modulus

2. According to the requirements of processing after the distinction: cotton, wool, linen, silk

3. According to the purpose to distinguish: clothing, xumian, decorative and industrial use

4. According to the function to distinguish: cationic dye, moisture absorption, flame retardant, non-ferrous, pilling resistance, antistatic

5. According to the fiber cross section Heterotypic silk, hollow yarn.

(2) polyester filament

1. At the beginning of raw silk: undrawn yarn (conventional spinning) (UDY), half a preliminary orientation (medium speed spinning) (she), pre orientation (high speed spinning) (xiamen) wire, high orientation (ultra high speed spinning) (HOY)

2. The drawn yarn: drawn yarn (low speed wire drawing) (DY), FDY (spin-draw step method) (polyester FDY such), all silk spinning (one-step) (FOY)

3. Textured yarn: regular textured yarn (TY) and draw textured yarn (DTY), air textured yarn (ATY).